Superb Self-Determination Programs for Regional Center Participants

You can count on the professional staff at First Choice Solutions to provide the best Self-Determination services. We not only assist individuals through dedicated coaching but also Regional Centers with their program creation and implementation.


Person-Centered Services

These include Self-Advocacy and Training, Life Coaching, and Skill Building. We offer these individualized services to help develop and support the implementation of vital skills like socialization, independent living, and pre-employment.


Self-Determination Services

These are primarily targeted for anyone requiring technical assistance in implementing SD effectively. Work with our highly experienced staff in the creation and implementation of your SD program, including help with:

  • Creating a Certified Budget
  • Meeting Coordination
  • Fiscal Management Service (FMS) Selection
  • Independent Facilitation Selection
  • Person-Centered Plan Development
  • Spending Plan Development
  • Regional Center Negotiations
  • Services and Supports (FMS, Hiring, etc.)

SD Troubleshooting

Let us help you get “unstuck” with your SD program. We provide effective solutions based on your needs, circumstances and regional center. This covers:

  • Spending Plan Development
  • Research of Services and Supports
  • Creating New Services and Supports
  • Difficult Regional Center Negotiations
  • Certified Budget Support

Person-Centered Plan Writing

Formulating a solid Person-Centered Plan (PCP) is an essential aspect of Self-Determination. This service includes a spending plan. Together we can:

  • Exploring What Is Important “For” and to “You”
  • Get Creative With Your Services
  • Tailor Your Plan To Fit Your Needs
  • Find the People and Services To Make Your Plan Happen

Training and Consulting Services

Our group is proud to be a recognized leader in Self-Determination. Partner with us so that we can train your Regional Center to offer the best services to your participants.

Independent Facilitation

  • Independent facilitators are a critical support in the early process of your Self Determination journey. Through our work supporting others in Self Determination, we know how our experienced Independent Facilitators help prevent and overcome many barriers to Self Determination. By working with our experienced team, you will also learn how to navigate Self Determination and build your confidence in working within the program. It is also important for you to know that you can have more than one Independent Facilitator, or you can hire an Independent Facilitator as a coach. There are several ways you can access the help of a professional to get your needs met and a great plan in place.

Reach Out to Our Group

Count on our well-trained team to help transform people’s lives. Get in touch with our accommodating team to learn more about what we do.